Why Choose a Local Northampton Web Design Company ?

Why choose a local Northampton web design company

When you are thinking about creating your first online presence via web design or online marketing, or if you are taking steps to improve what you already have, there are numerous considerations to take into account. It can at first seem daunting. Perhaps you have had a negative experience in the past and it has left you feeling thoroughly confused. If your business is based in Northampton, you have almost certainly been approached by many companies in neighbouring towns, especially Milton Keynes, where every other company seems to be a web designer

You’ve seen the adverts for free websites that you build yourself, you’ve had the daily calls and emails from companies claiming that they are the answer to your online marketing prayers, your neighbours’ daughters’ friends’ cat can ‘do web design’ and has offered to build you a website, and you’ve seen the glitzy advertising campaigns from large national agencies. Just how do you decide

Before I go any further, I am clearly going to have a bias towards Northampton based web design companies as I own and run Chrysalis Digital Consultancy. I have worked with local clients for many years, and recognise the benefits, despite the online revolution, of having easy, face to face contact with your suppliers. That aside, I thought it would be useful to outline some of the more important considerations that you as a business owner should be thinking about. Regardless of how much you spend, no web designer will ever know your business as well as you, so the most important foundation for success, is having a good, open relationship with them.

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Background Check

Using a local Northampton web design company, will allow you to collect any references and view any previous projects easier, and more in the context of your local business community.  If you want to speak to any of the local business that your prospective designer has already carried out work for (some of which of course you may already know!), local works best. Unfortunately there is no local “checkatrader.com” for web designers, so this is the next best thing.

Local Businesses Understand the Local Market

The chances are a local business will know more about what is going on locally that a larger national agency. As we all know nowadays The Internet, as well as being a worldwide tool, is very much a local tool as well. Google has made very deliberate strides in recent years to dominate locally based searches, so competition locally on the web has never been higher.

Initial Meeting

You should meet with representatives of the web design company, but ideally with a web designer or account manage who will be dealing with your project. Find out what type of work they have been involved in, not just from any nicely presented snippets on their website, but straight from the horses’ mouth. You will get a feeling for whether they understand your business and what you are trying to achieve. This is also a good time to generate some initial ideas. You are looking to work with a partner company that care about their work and your business.

You should find out from any prospective company what their approach to account management is. More and more tech companies have a tendency to manage accounts as remotely as possible. From my experience, small to medium sized businesses in Northampton would often prefer more face to face interaction from their web designer.

Problem Solving

Inevitably problems happen from time to time. There may be a technical issue with your web or email host, or you may realise that a particular offer on your website desperately needs updating. At that point, I think it is a universal need to speak to someone who can help immediately. Not leave a message, not be passed through to a call centre, and not to have to email in a request, speak to someone now who can at least give you an indication of how long it might take to get the issue resolved.  That is where a local Northampton based business will come into its own. Certainly with our business, Chrysalis Digital, we aim to always answer calls immediately when possible, and come out to see you whenever necessary.


Many of the longest running business relationships we have here at Chrysalis, have been with local businesses who started out as clients. Northampton Online, which we look after, only exists as a result of a partnership with a local business who has invested in its running costs, whom we never would have worked alongside had we not been their local web designer. Forming long term partnerships with other local businesses is invariably synergistic, and is the key to mutual success.

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